Receive your payment on time, effortlessly.
In order to make money. you’ll have to use invoicing.
It can really be easy and simple, but you want to invest time on getting new clients than to spend time on getting money from existing clients.

No invoice = No Payment.
keep your invoices sent on time to receive all of you payment:

1. full list of the details, services and products the client is paying for,
2. No errors – measure 7 times, cut once
3. make it easy to track
4. Make it easy to pay
5. professional look – keep branding and marketing
6. Sent on time
7. sent it to the right client.

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Creating the best and most professional invoices can save you a lot of effort and a lot of money!
avoiding “beginner” mistakes will enable yo to keep all of your payment process live, efficient and without any delays:

1 – Always add your and your recipients contact information:
There is a reason why this is the most basic rule in invoicing.
this is a “to do” rule that must be followed – add your company name, phone, address and E-mail address to all invoices.

2 keep track!
Well, keeping track over you invoices is obvious, however keeping a tracking number for all invoices, by an SKU ordering will arrange all of your billing and will help you keep track of quotation and payments.

3 Send the invoice as an attachment and add a short description
The receiver will be able to understand quickly the product or the service that is involved,
while being able to have complete and proper look over a professional invoice.

4 keep a log of all your activities:
Each time you create, send or receive a payment, save the number and the information of the transaction.

5 Don’t give up and track down late payments
Late payment are critical to keep a track about, since they will always grow.
All needed information regarding the invoice, always include the payment amount, date and number of the invoice..

This tips are will help you make the best of your billing plan,
or you can have even more, with billi invoice system.
take all the effort that you put into billing your clients, and use it to get more clients and really develop your business !

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To be the best online billing, invoice and client management solution for all businesses!
Our vision was to create the most simple to use system with the best features there are,
That is why we have put so much effort, and will keep developing and upgrading Billi to be the best solution for invoicing.

our main concerns:

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